Video Of The Day

  • Viral vid du jour: Katachi
    It’s not often you see something entirely new. Japanese avant-pop artist Shugo Tokumaru creates this wonderful stop motion music video for his catchy pop song “Katachi.” Enjoy!

  • Call them maybe
    Know any US Army Infantry Soldiers in Kunar Province, Afghanistan? Call them maybe. If not … just call them clever.
  • Using big data to make a better world
    The staff at And Now Media is pleased to be a part of this segment on “DataKind”, a band of self-titled “generous geeks” who share their skills by analyzing data from global nonprofit organizations to help make the data actionable and help those NGOs make the world a better place. What kind of data? It ranges from fertilizer use in Uganda to questionable policing patterns in NYC. Take a look at the segment the team at And Now produced for the latest episode of EMCTV’s “The Take”.

  • The Art of Animation and Motion Graphics
    Yesterday, PBS posted this lyrical and inspiring video called “The Art of Animation and Motion Graphics” as part of their series Off Book. They follow the last 100 years of animation with animators John Canemaker, Jesse Thomas, Justin Cone, and Julia Pott.

    Looking for animation or motion graphics work? Check out our reel at or see some our our latest work at

  • Botanicus Interacticus The so-called “Disney Research Hub” has created this bizarre, fascinating and exciting technology called Botanicus Interacticus. It’s an “interaction platform” that takes interaction from computing devices and places it anywhere in the physical environment. They are targeting living plants, but the technology can work with both living and non-living entities. Wow … the applications seem endless … can you think of the new interactive toys?

    For more information on the Botanicus Interacticus, see:
  • Conan goes super slo mo
    Our viral vid du jour, Conan O’Brien rents a super slow motion camera. Our favorite moment: Spaghetti and Meatballs.
  • Viral Vid Du Jour: Costume
    This powerful spot for Unicef breaks my heart

  • Man interviews 12 year old self
    I kind of wish I had the foresight as a pre-teen to record myself interviewing, well, myself 20 years later. Actor Jeremiah McDonald did it with hilarious results. At 12 I just videotaped my cat.

  • When weathermen get bored
    Weathercaster Aaron Justus turns one of his last segments at WTVR Richmond into an apocalyptic prediction. In truth, the only thing that was destroyed was his weatherman career. Justus was leaving the weather biz to become beer maker. Oh, and the segment never made air.
  • Viral Vid du Jour: Jelly Roll
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    The production of this lovely Kina Grannis video called “In Your Arms” reportedly took 22 months, 1,357 hours, 30 people and 288,000 jelly beans. Enjoy.

  • Cirque takes on MJ
    Viral vid du jour

    Cirque Du Soleil casts around the world dance to Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” as a promo for the new Michael Jackson Cirque Show

  • Pixar circa 1972?!?
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    This is purported to be the world’s first three 3D rendered film … by Ed Catmull, the man who went on the found Pixar. Ed and his partner mapped out the model of a hand way back in 1972, digitized it, and created a very impressive 3D rendering of the hand digitally. Hard to believe this was happening back in the era of the Vietnam War.

  • The Future of Gaming
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    The endlessly inventive YouTube filmmaker Freddie Wong comes up with yet another stellar video … this time he devises an eye-opening example of the future of gaming. Forget sitting in front of the TV. In Wong’s future, the world is your gaming arena. Looks very doable to us.

    Be sure to tune in to ABC next Friday, September 23rd for a prime time hour on the stars of YouTube, produced by And Now Media producer John Palacio!
  • Laughs
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    An outfit called Everynone brings us this infectious montage of people laughing, from the crib to the retirement home … made up of clips stolen from YouTube. Enjoy.

    LAUGHS! from Everynone on Vimeo.

  • Digital water fountain
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    A Japanese blogger found this incredible fountain at Osaka City Station in Japan. Using a computer, it synchronizes illuminated water drops to create amazingly detailed images. Remarkable.

    Check more out here.
  • 100 years of East London Style
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Here’s an impressive look at fashion in East London (and most Western Countries) over the last century. Most interesting, the video ends only with a date … no mention of the product at all. What’s it for? A new mall in East London called Westfield Stratford.

  • It’s electric. Amazing lightning
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    It’s electric! Photographer Jon Simonassi captures some amazing lightning hitting Toronto’s CN Tower during an August 24th storm.

  • Twitter is faster than earthquakes
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    In the midst of the East Coast being hit by every disaster but locusts, Twitter makes light and releases this whimsical video: “Twitter is faster than Earthquakes.” Appropriate? Successful? What do you think?

  • Steve Jobs Introduces the original Macintosh
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    The year: 1984. The event: a young ambitious, risk averse executive introduces a new kind of personal computer … the Macintosh. The beginning of Steve Jobs’ legendary presentations and game changing product introductions.

  • One girl’s amazing animation
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Academy of Art University Graduate Ting Tey posted her master thesis just two weeks ago. It’s an animation called bridge, a lovely characterization of four animals as they try to cross a bridge and an amazingly impressive debut. Word around the interenet is that Tey works for Pixar. Not true … but if they’re not taking notice, they should be!

    Bridge from Ting on Vimeo.

  • Slacklining in Paris
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    The bad slackliners team up with the adventure blog sebmontaz … the results: high wire hair raising.

  • The world through Jim Carrey’s eyes
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    What’s it like to be Jim Carrey. Under one of the world’s most spectacular statues, overlooking a jaw dropping vista of Rio De Janeiro, tourists are all training their cameras in one direction.

  • The ONLY BTS of … I Love Lucy
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    An audience member captured behind the scenes footage of the taping of the 6th episode of “I Love Lucy”‘s first season. This may be the only behind the scenes footage of “I Love Lucy” in existence.

  • How to kill a successful viral campaign
    Viral Vid Du Jour
    The brilliant Old Spice Guy campaign finally stumbles. Watch the wreckage here.

  • Rube Goldberg? Smile!
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    David Dvir and the team at the photo studio 2D Photography spent six months building a jaw dropping Rube Goldberg machine in part of their studio using photo equipment lying around … and a few more pieces they begged and borrowed. Don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of Rube Goldberg machines. Enjoy.

    Want to know how they pulled it off? Check this out:

  • I’m dead. Will you marry me?
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Josh has really fallen for Brooke.

  • The Bollywood Pizza Hut

    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Just another day at the Bollywood Pizza Hut in Agra

  • A Captcha Fairy Tale
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Filmmaker Gabrielle de Vietri turns nonsense Captchas into a lyrical story. Lewis B. Carroll would be proud.

    Captcha from Gabrielle de Vietri on Vimeo.

  • Pheonix ‘Haboob’ Sand Storm Time-Lapse

    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Time-lapse videos show a wall of dust, known as a haboob, moving through the city of Phoenix in Arizona.
    Shot by Arizona photographers Mike Olbinski and Blaine Coury

  • I love cats … and parody songs

    Viral Vid Du Jour

    The original cat lover online dating video was a classic viral sensation. Now, the Songify team of the Gregory Brothers turn it into a song … and it’s surprisingly catchy.

    Watch the original online dating bio here:
  • “Worst Driver” runs over Host

    Viral vid du jour

    In the “we saw this coming a mile away” department is this major reality show fail. During the finale of the dutch program ”worst driver of holland” – contestant Pim showed he deserves the title like none other … by accidentally running over host Ruben Nicolai with his car. Nicolai was lucky … only a short hospital stay and minor injurys. Pim won the show … and lost his license.

  • Illegal Fireworks
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    The New York Police Department celebrates independence day with it’s yearly destruction of illegal fireworks.

  • Cat caught barking, um, meowing
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Ok, we don’t usually post cat videos. We love them as much as the next person, but think there’s much more sophisticated and interesting things going on in the world of viral online video. And then there’s this. A stealth feline happily provoking the neighborhood dogs with it’s best bark … oh wait, did we hear that … that cat can’t bark … it’s all just an illusion. Meow. Meow.

  • Seagull steals video camera

    YouTube user opica1983 posted this POV video of a seagull swiping his GoPro video camera in Cannes France. He actually found it on a castle wall, so we could be enjoying it here. Amazing.

  • How to avoid getting hit by a train
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    BlackMoonCGI shows off some very convincing compositing skills in their viral video, “How to avoid getting hit by a train.”

  • TimeScapes
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Astronomy Cinematographer Tom Lowe releases his first film called “TimeScapes,” a modern portrait of the American Southwest. The trailer is a mesmerizing mix of time-lapse, the cosmos and Americana.

  • Great artists … manufactured
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    And Now Media is shooting a Tedx talk this weekend in Manhattan and we’ve been reviewing some of the amazing 900+ inspiring talks on This one, by artist Shea Hembrey, particularly wowed us. Hembrey spent two years creating the art of 200 different non-existant artists of all conceivable different styles, and devised a complex biography of each fictitious artist. A jaw dropping journey through the world of art, from one man’s perspective.

  • Tom Hanks: Spanish dancing weathercaster?
    Viral Vid Ju Jour

    While promoting his movie “Larry Crowne,” Tom Hanks danced through the weather segment on Univision’s “Despierta America” with co-host Chiquinquira Delgado yesterday. Gotta reach that important Hispanic market any way you can.

  • A Tony Rerun Moment
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    He’s the perfect host: confident, talented, impeccable timing, and not afraid to be dangerous. If you missed it, be sure to catch up on Neil Patrick Harris’ opening number for the 2011 Tonys. It’s burning up the viral charts online (of course that may also be because of Brooke Shields’ spectacular fumble).

  • iPod / iTouch Magic and Illusion
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Magician Marco Tempest creates an illusion that’s more an impressive and hypnotic technology hand dance … and treatise on self-deception.

  • A music video for all key demos
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Katy Perry goes all Sixteen Candles on us with her new video “Last Friday Night” and enlists the help of 13 year old “Friday” sensation Rebecca Black, plus throws in cameos from Kenny G, Hanson, Corey Feldman, Debbie Gibson and my favorite, Glee’s Kevin McHale. It’s a calculated mix of viral stars and traditional names for all demographics, but most important … it’s catchy.

  • Beer commercial as pop art
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    The director behind the viral Old Spice ad is at it again, this time with the ad agency Publicis Mojo, and they’ve come up with outrageous brilliance wrapped in a Hahn Beer ad.

  • Bottomless pit of despair
    Viral Vid Ju Jour

    A death defying act of insanity? Not so much. This optical illusion street art in a square in Stockholm allows passersby to pretend they’re balancing above a bottomless pit.

  • World’s Longest Playground Slide
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    It’s a child’s dream and a parent’s nightmare … this 51 meter slide in a park in Japan’s Nagano prefecture. They’re catching major air.

  • Arcade Dominator
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Freddie Wong is probably one of the most creative You Tube stars working today. Here’s his latest: Arcade Dominator.

  • Grandma’s Got a Facebook
    Viral Vid Ju Jour

    The band “Your Favorite Martian” marries their clever, toe tapping song “Grandma’s got a Facebook” with a sharp animation … the result: viral success.

  • Grand Rapids’ world record ‘lip dub’
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    How does a city that Newsweek lists as one of the top 10 dying cities of America respond to it’s ranking? By posting a song about dying out of course, Don McLean’s American Pie. Hmm, maybe not the best theme, but they were able to rangle 5000 people to help out with their so called “lip dub”, so they make up for it in sheer numbers.

    How did they pull it off? Check it out:

  • Spock is lazy
    Viral vid du jour

    Old Star Trek characters don’t just live in our memory … they kick it in Bruno Mars videos.

  • Hot Wheels Fantasy Lived
    Viral marketing video du jour

    Nothing like a death defying car jump to get people’s attention. Who’s in the helmet? Apparently it’s Top Gear‘s Tanner Foust. He survived a world record-setting 332-foot jump in a Hot Wheels modified Pro 2 truck.

  • Puppy to dog in 40 seconds
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Graphic designer Byron Louie’s dog Dunder is gruesome … well, I mean he grew some. Check out how much in this photo montage.

  • When filmmakers propose
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    NY area DJ John Sinclair enlists his filmmaking friends to produce a romantic, high energy short film as his wedding proposal. Without a touch cynicism throughout, you can’t help but say “awwww.” But does she say yes? Wait to the end to find out.

    LUCK – NYC Wedding Proposal from Aria Melody DJ on Vimeo.

  • Joplin Tornado: When audio tells the story
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Youtuber izelsg on May 22, 2011 posted this video of his experience during this week’s Joplin tornado while huddled at the Fastrip store on east 20th street. He huddled in the back of the store until the glass got sucked out , then ran into the walk in storage fridge. They video may be mostly black, but the audio tells a terrifying story of nature’s power.

  • Fiat reinvented with video
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    It’s been a few decades since “Fix It Again Tony” left the American spotlight … now Fiat has re-emerged with a new well-reviewed vehicle, the 500, and a supercut, overcharged music video likening their car to a saavy 20something’s gadget of the day. Sorry for the blatant honesty, but it’s an over-produced mess. When working with video, never forget, less is so much more.

  • Conversations with Bert: Andy Samberg
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Sesame Street’s Bert goes all Charlie Rose on us with SNL’s Andy Samberg. The results are bizarre … and hilarious.

  • Line drive viral video
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Baseball stud Evan Longoria apparently has a spidey sense when it comes to line drives. And very tough bare hands.

  • Why is Eliza Dushku making a YouTube cameo?
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    You Tube sensation Freddie Wong deserves all his subscribers and all his praise … and now Hollywood is realizing they don’t need to bring YouTube stars to their world, they need to get a piece of their incredible subscriber base on youtube. Hence the reason Film/TV star Eliza Dushku has popped up on Freddie’s latest action vid. Friends, this is just the beginning.

  • 5 star dining on the L train
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    The team behind NY Dining Car are our epicurean heros.

  • POV Adventure
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    POV of a nutty snowmobiler conquering a steep incline … well, not so much.

  • The $5mil miniature airport
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    It may be 1/40th the size of Hamburg airport, but Knuffingen Airport, still cost a staggering $5 million to build. Touted as the world’s largest model airport, this 150 square meter mini-me was modeled after the 100 year old Hamburg Airport and is now on display in Germany. 40 planes, 50 other vehicles all move around controlled by computers, plus there’s 40,000 lights, 15,000 figurines, 500 cars, 10,000 trees, 50 trains, 1000 wagons, 100 signals, 200 switches and 300 buildings. Much more ambitious then that train set you built as a kid with a cereal box as a tunnel.

  • Honey I shrunk the Intel Exec
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Tech giant Intel uses it’s senior fellow of technology, Mark Bohr, and a bit of clever animation, to explain to the rest of us how and why it’s new 3D Transistors will make computing even faster and smaller.

  • Grandma is animated
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Days before her death, Kay Wang reluctantly told stories of her life to her grandchildren. Storycorps, whose mission it is to record, share, and preserve the stories of everyday Americans, animated her endearing and crochety tale … to marvelous results.

  • Flipbook: Balloon Style
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    A one minute animation told via popping balloons … all for MTV Brazil. ParanoidBR pulled off a truly unique thing … something we’ve never seen before. A camera mounted on a dolly witha pin at it’s head races through balloons with consecutive images on them … and a story is unveiled through the popping. Cool … unique … ingenious.

  • Friday Reinvented
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    It’s Friday, Friday. What better time to examine the breadth of covers of Rebecca Black’s inane but catchy tune, “Friday” which, at last count had 127 million hits on Youtube.

    Our favorite version is actually in another language … letting us ignore the more ignoramus lyrics. Dawen’s cover actually makes the tune pretty and palatable

    And then there’s Katy Perry’s cover … a perfect balance of satire and serious.

    There are 100s of parodies, but this one by Zack, aka youtube’s FunnyZ, is not only the most popular at nearly 6 million views, but it is one of the most clever.

    And … if you were living on that compound with Bin Laden and missed it … here’s the original:

  • Pretty of the Day
    Viral Vid Du Jour
    Watch astrophotographer Daniel López’s project called “El Cielo de Canarias” (“Canary Sky”). López spent a year capturing time lapse night scenes of various locations on the Canary Islands: Among them “The Cathedral,” El Arbol de Piedra, The Red Tajinaste, The “hat” in the Teide, and the Teide National Park … all in at the foot of our gorgeous galaxy.

  • Murderous Hamburger: Pixar is Calling!
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Hambuster is a graduation movie co-directed by five students from Supinfocom Arles. 
This production is a dazzling 6 min short film done in 3D stereoscopic. Word of warning, it is a bit bloody … but so is a raw hamburger. The creative team: Paul ALEXANDRE, Dara CAZAMEA, Maxime CAZEAUX, Romain DELAUNAY and Bruno ORTOLLAND. Pixar, are you watching?

    Hambuster from Hambuster Team on Vimeo.

    For more go to
  • Kubrick: A Motion Graphics Tribute
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    He’s considered one of the best directors in the history of cinema, and as you can see from this stylized montage of his filmography, during Stanley Kubrick half century career, he was not as prolific as you might think. 2010 and The Shining may be his most celebrated films, but if you haven’t already, check out Barry Lyndon, a fascinating exploration of a weak hero.

  • Symmetry
    Viral Vid Ju Jour

    A visual exploration into our desire for balance, produced by filmmakers Will Hoffman, Daniel Mercadante, and Julius Metoyer III for Radiolab

  • Avalanche! Risking all for an ad
    Viral Vid Ju Jour

    The small HD camera company GoPro® has built one of the most impressive viral campaigns of any company. Basically, they allow and encourage customers to upload extreme uses of their camera to their site. At last count, those uploads have garnered the company over 25 million hits.

    For GoPro, Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude hit the motherlode, skiing the French Alps backcountry while escaping a large avalanche! The avalanche is scary and beautiful, but when they reach the edge of the cliff your heart skips a beat.

  • POV: Building Base Jumping
    Viral Vid Du Jour
    32 year old Marshall Miller and his friend Hartman Rector III pleaded guilty to infractions last year for this base jump off the LDS Church Office Building in downtown Salt Lake City … saying they were “remorseful” … but they don’t seem too remorseful in this vertigo inducing POV video.

    Miller said he posted the video to show they didn’t damage any property. Fair enough.

    Read more here

    Church Office Building from Marshall Miller on Vimeo.

  • Parody of a Parody
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Volkswagon made a splash with it’s child in a Darth Vader costume parody … now the marketing team behind the upcoming picture “Thor” delivers a spot on lookalike … with a different payoff.

  • Robot miracle: A wheelchair bound man walks
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Radi Kaiof was wheelchair bound for 20 years. Now he can stand, walk and ascend/descend stairs with an amazing $150,000 “mobility solution” called Rewalk. Here is astonishing video of the device as it undergoes clinical trial testing at MossRehab in suburban Philadelphia. The trials will continue for approximately a year.

  • A time lapse not to miss
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Landscape photographer Terje Sorgjerd shares his awe inspiring time lapse footage of Spain’s Highest Mountain, El Teide and the Milky Way

    The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

  • Yo Yo Ma & Little Buck
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    One’s a youtube viral dance star, the other’s a cellist legend. It took Spike Jonze to bring Little Buck and Yo Yo Ma together for a magical interlude at an event to promote arts in the schools. Well done!
  • The Future of the Music Industry
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    First American Idol, and now YouTube, is changing the way the music industry finds it’s stars. In the last year, Greyson Chance and Rebecca Black had their moment. The jury’s out whether they will have a career, but clearly music producers are taking notice and have got eyeballs glued to online video.
    Check out another potential star: squeeky clean, 16 year old pop singer Christina Grimmie, who now boasts almost a YouTube million subscribers, singing the airable version of “Forget You”.

  • Record Climb makes great video
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    What do you do when you’ve climbed one of the most difficult mountains on Earth in record time? Why, you best that time of course! Hypnotic video of climber Ueli Steck the Eiger’s north face in an astonishing 2 hours, 47 minutes and 33 seconds … besting his previous record by over an hour

  • Photoshop: The Music Video
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    A clever video … a catchy song … a potential viral hit … but wait, an add for “Canvas on Demand”?? YouTube darlings Rhett & Link pull off the perfect balance of sponsor placement and creative viral video.
  • Other things your husband can do
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Kudos to MySky TV for a perfect pitch ad for their new DVR that is destined to go viral.
  • San Francisco days before the ’06 quake
    Viral Vid Du Jour
    This 1906 film footage was supposedly taken just before the 1906 earthquake and fire devastated San Francisco. It’s a mesmerizing journey through street life a century ago … and supposedly one of the first 35mm films ever taken.

    See a lower resolution of the same film, cut with scenes of the same street after the quake … here.
  • Base Jumping Vertigo
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Someone named FroschYankee just posted this heart racing montage of base jumping shot in Eikesdalen, Norway. Can you say Adrenaline?
  • Deep Deep Ocean Exploration
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Virgin’s adventure seeking billionaire Richard Branson plans to pilot his own craft into the deepest unexplored trenches of the world’s oceans in a program called Virgin Oceanic. Take a look at what they’re planning in this viral video hit:
  • Critical thinking … as an animated poem?
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    It’s a 9 minute “beat poem” about critical thinking that became a youtube sensation … when comedian Tim Minchin’s poem first came out on YouTube, it garnered 100′s of 1000′s of hits … just as an audio file!

    Now, director animator Dan Turner has turned Minchin’s wonderful musings into an equally engaging and magical animated short. Enjoy it, disagree, think.

  • Magic Keys & Flying Cigarettes
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    You could call Sebastian Stahlhofen and Thomas Becker viral jugglers. The team behind the site “A Normal Day” have taken normal items around the house and created abnormal magic. You have to wonder (if it’s all real, which it seems to be) just how many takes they had to shoot before getting it right. Not surprisingy, it takes them months to come out with a new video. Here’s the new, just out, best of compilation:
  • Clay iPad?
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Russian animator Svetlana Shokhanova dreams up an ipad even more playful than the original

  • Musical ball in a forest?
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    When a ball falls alone in a forest, does it make a sound? Apparently, it makes classical music. But only when it’s appearing in a Japanese phone commercial

  • World’s most embarrassing drunk dial
    Viral vid du jour

    What to do when a tipsy girl who works for Ebaybay drink dials you on a Friday night? Why, create a kinetic typography of her gibberish and post it on YouTube of course.
  • Dogboarding
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Daniel Daniel shows us the newest craze … dogboarding.

    Dogboarding from DANIELS on Vimeo.

    Um, April Fool.
  • Is your apartment musical?
    Viral vid du jour

    Filmmaker and performer Daniel Cloud Campos goes all Gene Kelly on a cool warehouse apartment in this fresh and infectious short shot on a Canon 7D.

  • Angry Birds: Directed by Michael Bay
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Who knew Michael Bay’s follow up to his Transformers series would be so powerful. Angry Birds the movie may be a spoof by talented vidsters Rooster Teeth, but we’d buy a ticket.
  • Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, We’re bored backstage
    Viral vid du jour

    What do bored rock stars to backstage when they can’t their dressing rooms? Well if you’re MercyMe, Jars Of Clay, Matt Maher, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Afters & Lecrae, members of the “Rock & Worship Show 2011″ you apparently get together and shoot catchy Beatle’s covers.
  • The best (& worst) in-flight safety vid ever
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    None of us pay attention to the tedious in-flight safety videos anymore, so Air New Zealand thought of a way to keep you from turning away: Richard Simmons. Yes, now when you board an ANZ flight you’ll be sweatin’ to the oldies as perky Simmons aerobically relays all the warnings about air masks, life vests and in-flight smoking, set to a annoying but foot tapping techno beat. Hard to watch … hard not to.

  • Flashmob: Plastic Hero
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    The Quebec TV Show Testé sur des humains (AKA “Tested on Humans”) shows us that the simplest ideas can make the most powerful, even funny, TV.

  • The twisted genius of Cyriak
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Freelance animator Cyriak, who’s based near Brighton UK, is a twisted genius. Marvel at what he created for “Adult Swim”.

  • Robot Elephants on Biology Paper
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Robot Elephants on Biology Paper? This animated short by Ornana Films (Danny Madden and his partners Jonathan Silva and Will Madden) is pencil perfect.

    (notes on) biology from ornana films on Vimeo.

  • And Now … Best in Film
    Don’t miss this special 2 hour broadcast on ABC, March 22, 2011 at 9-11p, produced by And Now Media’s John Palacio. One year in the making, we reveal the results on an unprecedented poll of Americans picking the top movies in the history of film: Best comedies, dramas, musicals, sci-fi movies, action movies, and much more.

    Keep an eye out for a clip in which we animate Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron. And Now Media’s Josh Sachs led the animation effort that had to be completed in just 4 days. On set, Bergeron exclaimed he was very excited about it because he had never been animated before!

  • The ultimate Bar Mitzvah music video: I’m Zack!
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Why couldn’t I have a cool music producer dad when I had a bar mitzvah?? Justin Bieber, look in the rear view … he’s Zack.

  • Jesse Herman is the world’s busiest actor
    Viral vid du jour

    It’s a new game … where’s Jesse? Next time you watch any worldwide media, be on the lookout for renaissance man Jesse Herman.

  • Taking over Times Square Video Screens
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    YouTube’s BITcrash44 shows how he allegedly used an iPhone and a small transmitter/receiver setup to hack into video screens large and small around New York’s Times Square. Believe it? Could be faked, but looks pretty convincing.

  • 127 Hours, Starring Wile E. Coyote
    Viral Vid Du Jour

    Animator Rob Yulfo shows he’s got skills with his crazy good Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner spoof of the film 127 Hours.
  • Shirtless sax player serenades LA
    Viral Vid Du Jour: YouTube star Mike Diva and his sax playing friend Sergio Flores, decided to serenade the world with some rocking “Careless Whisper.” The world was not amused.
  • An answer to the lost film viral vid
    When New Yorker Todd Bieber found a lost film canister in New York, his lyrical video about the contents of the film and the mysterious owners became an internet smash.

    Now, through the dynamic connections of cyberspace, Todd has found the owner, and his quest to return the film becomes another magical online video
  • Perfectly executed pop up animation
    To raise awareness for International Women’s Day, an event to promote worldwide women’s issues, Google commissions this wonderful popup animation. The perfect blend of digital and traditional. Want to learn more about the event? Go here:
  • New 9-11 footage taken from an NYPD Helicopter
    On September 11, 2001 I was at the base of the north tower of the World Trade Center covering the story for ABC News. I watched as business men and women jumped to their death … then ran as the towers collapsed. It still all doesn’t seem real. Now, the website has obtained new footage of the last moments of the twin towers, taken from an NYPD helicopter.

    The footage was apparently acquired as part of an investigation into the attacks by the National Institute of Standards and Technology … then leaked to Cryptome. Nearly a decade later, it’s still hard to watch and yet hard to turn away from. And yet, as with all the footage I have seen from that day, it seems more about buildings than people. My memory of that day involves watching regular people … who had to make a horrible decision … to burn or to jump. The video may be horrific, but in this case the reality was much worse.
  • Conan gets kinetic
    Oklahoma State University graphic designer Jacob Gilbreath takes Conan o’Brien’s farewell speech from the Tonight Show and creates a mesmorizing montage mashup of modern 3d kinetic typography and old time printing presses. The result: a wonderful combination of vintage and modern etched permanently into a virtual wall. Well done.

    Conan O’Brien Kinetic Typography from Jacob Gilbreath on Vimeo.

  • A little girl & a laugh out loud scare
    Summoning the Shining, a Spanish program shows us how scary a little girl in a hotel corridor can be. The simple things scare us. And the simple things can be laugh out loud funny.

    (via BestofYouTube)
  • A one take wonder music video
    Kudos to Hot Mop Films and rapper T.Shirt for channeling Martin Scorcese and pulling off this entertain single take video for T.Shirt’s film title song extravaganza, “24 Frames”

    (Official Video) 24 Frames – T.Shirt from Hot Mop Films on Vimeo.

  • Oscar reveals Anne Hathaway, James Franco outtakes
    2011′s Oscar hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco taped this Grease sendup for the opening montage but it didn’t make the cut in the final broadcast. Good call. But you can see it here.
  • Crazy speedster biker downhill POV
    What’s it like to bullet down a steep, craggily, busy side street with a racing bike? Slovakian bike champion Filip Polc mounted a GoPro helmet cam and recorded his zip down a hill in Valparaíso, Chile. Not for the faint of heart.
  • The Power of Machinima
    The online gaming brand Machinima has a powerfully loyal following. Case in point, this well produced, violent short film by “pwnisher” raked up a cool half million views in just three days
  • Space Shuttle Launch: Viewed From The Sky
    A guy named Neil was taking a commercial flight on Feb 24th, 2011 and came upon an amazing view: a sky high viewpoint of the final Discovery space shuttle launch. Good thing Neil had his video camera handy!
  • Surfing manmade waves at Waimea River
    Some resourceful surfers take advantage of a dammed stream by directly the water into the beach, creating an impressive flow of millions of gallons of water … and a very watchable viral video.

    EMBED-Man-Made Waves At Waimea River – Watch more free videos
  • Suspending Water Without a Cup
    Dan Deentremont shows an amazing you can supposedly do at home … but frankly, it’s hard to believe
  • How cameras rob us from our humanity?
    Here is a “This American Life” Animated Jewel: Ira Glass and Jeff Potter recall a “Lord of the Flies” story of the dangers of fake cameras in an elementary school, effectively animated by Chris Ware and John Kuramoto.
  • Gutsy Family Feud producers reveal the fix on youtube
    Wow. We’ve come a long way from the days of “Quiz Show” when the country was devastated that their nightly quizzer was fixed. “Family Feud” producers have posted an outtake on YouTube in which host Steve Harvey reveals one set of family contests played so horribly that they basically started over. Yes, FF is fix. Shocking. And a brilliant marketing move.
  • Escher lives! Can you explain this infinite waterfall??
  • You’re never too young to host a show
    He’s in first grade and he likes dinosaurs. Typical enough. But Riley Chandler took it a bit further. He hosts his own paleontology show. I think someone at the Museum of Natural History should be hiring this resourceful budding scientist.
  • Painting as flowing art
    Filmmaker Dave Kaufman captures artist Holton Rower’s vision of flowing paint to hypnotic results.
    just a little mix and match.
  • Train doesn’t stop here? No Problem
    This video of a train loading in Myanmar, Yangon is hard to believe. Apparently the train was running two hours late and had no time to stop. Category:
  • How TV ruined your life BBC’s Charlie Booker explores “How TV ruined your life”
    Part 1

    Part 2
  • I loves me a good time lapse
    While improving Reading’s railway by plopping in a new massive bridge, builders added a couple time-lapse cameras. We thank you.
  • A Camera mounted on an arrow. What?!?
    YouTube star Jeremiah J Warren mounted a #3 808 Car Key camera with a Jelly Lens onto an arrow and shot it into the air with fascinating results.
  • The most remarkable species of all … us
    BBC One reveals another beautifully shot, inspiring series: Human Planet. Learn more about it here.
  • Everything is a Remix
    Kirby Ferguson, a New York based filmmaker, creates Part 2 of his fascinating exploration of film influence, homage, parody and downright theft. See more about his project here, and donate so he can keep working on this project here.

    Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

    See Part 1 here

    Everything is a Remix from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

  • A short animation for the cypher in us all
    Andrew Allen and his team created this original short film filled with hidden clues about the character’s secrets. Can you find them all? For more about the film, go here.

    The Thomas Beale Cipher from Andrew S Allen on Vimeo.

  • Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble learn about something called the internet
    Today Show circa 1994

  • The Symphony of Science
    Everything is easier to understand when set to music

  • Vertigo? Hike the Caminito Del Rey in Malaga, Spain
    Two Hikers posted this crazy POV video hiking up the Caminito Del Rey, a century old cliff walkway that has fallen in disrepair. Check out their entry here and links to more photos. Wanna go? Better hurry. The government of Malaga has announced it will be restored this year.

  • Beautiful timelapse of New York City
    Videographer Josh Owens used a unique slow moving dolly rig to get these hypnotic shots of NYC.

    NYC – Mindrelic Timelapse from Mindrelic on Vimeo.

  • Venice on a space hopper
    When Shelley Jones and Marko Anstice visited Venice, Italy … they thought, how better to capture this romantic city then by “Space hopper”. We couldn’t agree more.

    Shot with a Canon 5D Mk II and a big pink ball. Want more samples of their work when they’re not on vacation, go here
  • Mind blowing steadicam shot … and how it was done
    This acrobatic steadicam operator at a Petr Elfimov concert in Belarus used a Segway and some major cajones to pull off a pretty remarkable shot
  • The Chase for a great Viral Ad: Intel gets it right
    Intel entered the viral vid fray with this action-adventure video titled “The Chase.” Brilliant on three levels: creative and surprising production value, entertaining, and showcases the processing power of their new i5 processor.
  • The Brick Thief
    Viral Vid Du Jour The folks at Lego commissioned this delightful stop motion animation about a mustachioed Lego thief from the mind of a child.

  • How do you make books go viral?
    Viral Vid Du Jour:
    The creative team at Vol.1 Brooklyn devised this clever way to make the top books of 2010 viral … shoot them.

  • Amazing visual effect showcase on “Boardwalk Empire”
    Viral vid du jour
    Just how far can a high budget television show go with computer effects? Take a look at this jaw dropping before and after montage by post house Brainstorm Digital showcasing their work on HBO’s series “Boardwalk Empire”.

    Boardwalk Empire VFX Breakdowns of Season 1 from Brainstorm Digital on Vimeo.

  • Make it Better
    Kudos to the graphic design group at Climent Canal for this clever typography vid.

    Make it better from Sebastianbap on Vimeo.

  • A viral star organizes his 2010 oeuvre
    If you’re not familiar with YouTube viral stars, Mystery Guitar Man is a top 10 subscribed viral videomaker. Now, he tries to create a table of contents of his year’s wackiness. Smart.
  • 7 billion people on Earth. What does that mean?
    National Geographic uses kinetic typography to dramatically showcase the meaning of 7 billion.
  • Waking up around the world
    A steadicam and Canon 5D created this viral video du jour: cities around the world slowly waking up to the morning.
  • Viral airplane ad Shows Video is about emotion
    On Christmas eve Spanair created this video “Unexpected luggage.” More evidence that the best viral ads focus on emotion rather than shock. Well done.
  • Puppies for Christmas
    The viral vid du jour pleases the awwww is all of us.
  • 25 Years of Christmas Every year for the past 25 years Nick Confalone’s dad taped his kids coming down the stairs Christmas morning. Nick compiled this montage which amounts to a 3 minute montage of his entire childhood.
  • 18 years ago, Tom Selleck knew the future
    In 1993, Magnum P.I. predicted various technologies like the iPad, DVRs and Skype in this commercial series titled “You Will” … one prediction slightly off: AT&T didn’t bring it to us.
    Source: Mashable
  • Fascinating vid: Why the other store lines move faster?
    Bll the Energy Guy reveals the science behind why the other register lines in the store always seem to move faster than yours.
  • Viral vid du jour: Local news helicopter rescues stranded calf
    Oklahoma local news helicopter pilot Mason Dunn performed quite a rescue on Monday … swooping down and rescuing a calf stuck in an icy pond. The KWTV pilot is being hailed as a local hero … and it was caught on video. Take a look:
  • Viral vid du jour: Lunar Eclipse Time Lapse
    William Castleman of Gainsville, Florida posted this fabulous quality time lapse of this month’s rare full lunar eclipse. Enjoy

    Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse from William Castleman on Vimeo.

  • Viral vid du jour: Speed Flying!
    Utah, 2010

    Superior, Speed Fly from Marshall Miller on Vimeo.

  • Viral vid du jour: How ’bout Fried Gnocchi for Xmas Eve?
  • Viral vid du jour: Dancing Santa
    Santa’s happy you’ve been good.
  • Viral vid du jour: The woman translator
    Last minute holiday shopping? Try the manslater!
  • Film 2010: An Astounding Montage
    An editor who calls herself Gen IP created a breathtaking montage of films released in 2010. Not only is this a must see for film lovers, but it’s the best editor reel we’ve seen in a long time. Kudos! Want to learn more about how Gen IP pulled it off? Check out her interview here
  • Viral vid made by cats Friskies smartly sponsors this short YouTube video using camera mounted on the collars of kitties across the country. If your product involves adorable things, embrace it!
  • Impressive motion graphics Inception-like music video Official video for ‘We Got More’, taken from the album ‘Eskmo’ on Ninja Tune.

    Want more from director Cyriak Harris? And more from the band ‘Eskmo’
  • Viral Vid Du Jour: Meet Buck French animators Yann Denis Lawrence and Vincent E Sousa created this clever short.

    Meet Buck from TeamCerf on Vimeo.

    See more here.
  • Viral Vid Du Jour: Metronome Roof Collapses Amazing video, but shockingly this is the five time the Metronome roof has collapsed. You’d think engineers in Minneapolis would be prepared for snow, yes? Apparently not.

    Read about the other four collapses here.
  • Viral Vid Du Jour: Blah Blah Blah
  • Kids react to viral videos Clever take on “Kids say the strangest things” in a YouTube generation
  • A YouTube Jackpot: Kittens and Teddy Bears
    Cats rate on You Tube. So do Teddy Bears. Here’s a cat hugging a Teddy Bear. Bingo.
  • Norwegian TV gives us an 80s Flashback The Norwegian TV Show “Gylene Tider” has gathered an impressive list of people who were celebrities in the 1980′s and then mostly disappeared from the spotlight. The perfect cast for an impassioned lip sync of “We are the World.” Some may call this cheesy, some brilliant, but it’s definitely fascinating to look at some familiar faces we’ve forgotten.
  • A musical haircut choose your own adventure
  • Julia Roberts in Coffee Commercial
  • World’s Largest Aquarium The folks at Still Motion we’re marking time before a shoot, killed some time in the Atlanta Aquarium, and came up with this whimsical and pretty montage

    the world’s largest aquarium // ATL.GA from stillmotion on Vimeo.

  • Who needs a bridge? These Russian truck drivers are fearless (via liveleak)
  • Impressive 3d projection Last month, Amsterdam’s H&M store was the canvas for this amazing 3D projection project conceived by the folks at Muse Amsterdam
  • A Street Legal Tron Motorcycle Parker Brothers Choppers shows off their inspired real life version of the digital Tron Light Cycle. Apparently a line of buyers are patiently waiting for their bikes. and should be thrilled with the outcome of these amazing bikes. Does it come with a Jeff Bridges mask?
  • Gorgeous Galapagos Underwater videographer Darek Sepiolo gives us the gift of some stunning footage shot around the Galapagos this year.

    Galapagos 2010 from Darek Sepiolo on Vimeo.

    Want more? Check out his clips of Antarctica here
  • Impressive ad: A city of imagination Today’s viral video of the day: “Batelco Infinity”
    This impressive and playful mixture of quality production and digital magic is worth a look. It’s produced by Batelco, a Bahrain communications’ provider using this campaign to associate its brand with innovation and technology.

    Wanna know how they pulled it off? Check this out
  • Great demo video: Mind Blowing Bike Lock Need to protect your bicycle from potential thieves? Check out this inventor’s unique gizmo for your bike using a lamp post and a little ingenuity.
  • Amazing Talent with PVC Pipes This college kid shows off his talent with a hand made instrument and it becomes a top YouTube sensation. Enjoy.
  • And Now … a super cool music video: simple but powerful idea well executed

    The band Hollerado wanted a music video that would be cheap to produce but effective. They came up with this insipred “Human 8 bit” card show shot in one take. Brilliant. Check out their wonderful web page here:

  • And Now … The world’s smallest stop-motion animation character

    The campaign for the Nokia N8 features this amazing piece by Aardman called ‘Dot’, which is shot entirely on the N8 using CellScope technology – and features a tiny 9mm girl.

  • And Now … the viral campaign of the week: Cute Girl has a catchy dance

    She’s so cute. Nice moves. Just about to click away … wait? Are those people really doing what I think they’re doing?? Brilliant.

  • Rare interview with carpenter Harrison Ford

    A local NBC reporter, Bobbie Wygant, posted her interview with Harrison Ford, shot just after the release of Star Wars.

    Bobbie Wygant Interviews Harrison Ford for Star Wars 1977 from on Vimeo.

  • And Now … Dancing at the movies
  • Film’s first color? Color movies shot in a Kodak lab in 1922, 13 years before the first color film release
  • And Now … Giant Beach bubbles
  • And Now … Words (with pictures)

    NPR’s RadioLab team created this beautiful montage to accompany their episode on “Words.” Enjoy.

  • And Now … How to be Alone … a lyrical spoken word short film

    Canadian Filmmaker Andrea Dorfman creates a hypnotic and beautiful short film of spoken word artist Tanya Davis’ “How to be alone.” Kudos for the seamless integration of animation, music, visuals and performance.

  • New Old Spice Ad. Better than the First?

    The ad team behind the uber viral Old Spice ad “I’m on a horse” (Wieden + Kennedy) is at it again with an epic commercial in the same one take style. You can’t watch just once.

  • And Now, the best acquisition announcement ever, always a reliable outfit for clever videos, announces their acquisition by with a video of their signature plush monkey rapping.

  • And Now … Conan the Barbarian, the Musical
  • And Now … a fiery space plunge “success”

    The video of the day: This Japanese unmanned spacecraft called Hayabusa returned from a seven-year, 1.25 billion-mile trip, and plunged to earth in spectacular fireball … all captured from a NASA DC-8 airborne laboratory. The video is a fireball of its own now on YouTube. Take a look.

    The good news, the samples and research the Hayabusa gathered from a comet called Itokawa, returned safely in a canister that survived the reentry and landed in South Australia.

  • And Now … the Gulf Leak, Live

    US lawmakers tried to get BP to broadcast the Gulf Leak live on the internet. Now, they decided the US government should do it as well. On Thursday they started streaming live video of the Gulf oil spill from 5,000 feet below sea level.

    Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., said “this may be BP’s footage, but it’s America’s ocean. … This footage will aid analysis by independent scientists blocked by BP from coming to see the spill.”

    You can now watch the oil flow live in various places, including this UStream feed and Senator Bill Nelson’s website.

    PBS also published this widget:

  • And Now … Hail Yeah, this is good weather video

    Perhaps the best weather video we’ve ever seen (stay past the 1:00 mark)

  • And Now … Iceland’s Volcano in stunning time lapse

    Filmmaker Sean Stiegemeier took two weeks off and traveled to Iceland because he didn’t see any good footage of spewing Eyjafjallajökull. So now … there is.

    Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull – May 1st and 2nd, 2010 from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo.

  • Even NSFW businesses can have brilliant SFW campaigns

    What a joy to watch a simple idea executed brilliantly. Whether or not you are a possible subscriber to this Canadian Adult channel, you can appreciate the humor and you remember the tag line … “You won’t watch for the acting.” Marketing genius.

    See more about this ad campaign here.

  • And Now … blow your mind with this ball balancing robot

    And Now, Dr. Masaaki Kumagai, director of Tohoku Gakuin University’s Robot Development Engineering Laboratory, brings us the Ball Inverted Pendulum … 16.5-pound robot able to balance on a bowling ball using three omni-directional wheels.

    See more here

  • And Now … Dig This

    What can’t the standard issue Chinese Military shovel do!?!

  • And Now … Europe’s ash flight disruption visualized

    Today’s video of the day … and provide this impressive visualisation of the northern European airspace returning to use after being closed due to volcanic ash.

    Airspace Rebooted from ItoWorld on Vimeo.

  • And Now … The Apollo 11 launch in wonderful slomo

    Fascinating video of the day

    30 seconds of this July 16, 1969 launch … analyzed in slow motion by Spacecraft Films Executive Producer Mark Grey.

    Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD) Camera E-8 from Mark Gray on Vimeo.

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