It’s not often you see something entirely new. Japanese avant-pop artist Shugo Tokumaru creates this wonderful stop motion music video for his catchy pop song “Katachi.” Enjoy!

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And Now Media is proud to partner up with Ajax Union, a premiere internet marketing firm, to bring you the secrets of creating an optimized video campaign. Joe Apfelbaum, CEO and co-founder of Ajax Union will join the head of And Now Media, John Palacio, for a FREE one-hour webinar presentation highlighting the key steps you should take to put together an effective internet video.

The webinar is on Thursday, January 24th from 1-2pm est.

By registering for this webinar, you will learn to: - Set a noticeable “Call To Action” in your videos - Implement your video campaign for branding - Optimize keywords for good SEO in your videos - Add value to your campaign. Remember: Educate. Inform. Entertain. - Much, much, more!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Sign up here. It’s fun and it’s free.

Free Video Marketing Webinar Sign Up
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When wanted to announce their new 14 piece nail polish set (aka the Cube) they turned to And Now Media. We worked together to develop a short stop motion animation to get the new product the attention it deserves. The result: an instant online hit, both with audience views and positive reviews. Check it out!

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Know any US Army Infantry Soldiers in Kunar Province, Afghanistan? Call them maybe. If not … just call them clever.
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The staff at And Now Media is pleased to be a part of this segment on “DataKind”, a band of self-titled “generous geeks” who share their skills by analyzing data from global nonprofit organizations to help make the data actionable and help those NGOs make the world a better place. What kind of data? It ranges from fertilizer use in Uganda to questionable policing patterns in NYC. Take a look at the segment the team at And Now produced for the latest episode of EMCTV’s “The Take”.

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Yesterday, PBS posted this lyrical and inspiring video called “The Art of Animation and Motion Graphics” as part of their series Off Book. They follow the last 100 years of animation with animators John Canemaker, Jesse Thomas, Justin Cone, and Julia Pott.

Looking for animation or motion graphics work? Check out our reel at or see some our our latest work at

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The so-called “Disney Research Hub” has created this bizarre, fascinating and exciting technology called Botanicus Interacticus. It’s an “interaction platform” that takes interaction from computing devices and places it anywhere in the physical environment. They are targeting living plants, but the technology can work with both living and non-living entities. Wow … the applications seem endless … can you think of the new interactive toys?

For more information on the Botanicus Interacticus, see:
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How do you make Economics fun and fascinating for High School kids?

We recently worked with the Council for Economic Education to do just that. Our task was to create a set of videos to help make some complex economics ideas engaging and relatable to High School aged kids … and we learned a thing or two ourselves!

The Council’s mission is to advocate for better school-based economic and personal finance education for teenagers and the people who teach them.  Our mission: produce engaging economic success stories that would resonate with 9-12th graders, and help to clarify some complicated economic concepts through smart lessons disguised as storytelling.

We worked with educators to pinpoint which messages were most difficult to understand for this age group:  Business Plan, Entrepreneur, Debt and Equity Financing, Credit Score, and Supply Chain.

Our team created five relatable scenarios that illustrated, through storytelling, these economics concepts.  There’s the young entrepreneur who starts a garage-cleaning business, the teen who creates a supply chain to mass-produce rhinestone-encrusted cellphone covers, and the young inventor who must shore up his credit score in order to secure a loan to back his “surround sound video game chair.”

To achieve the strong, pop art look that would appeal to our age group, we shot actors in front of a green screen and animated with After Effects and Cinema 4d: generating small towns, a juice factory, a happy neighborhood filled with clean garages, a groovy surround-sound chair, some blinged-out cellphone covers and many happy customers.  Most importantly, through the continued consultation with the Economics Council’s educators, the learning points were driven home with crisp, clear and entertaining storytelling.

We were thrilled to help the council bring financial literacy to young future entrepreneurs. See all the videos at and learn a thing or two yourself!

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Our viral vid du jour, Conan O’Brien rents a super slow motion camera. Our favorite moment: Spaghetti and Meatballs.
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We’ve all heard the claims. Video added to a sales page can increase conversions considerably. Some claim 5% greater sales … up to 30% … even 60%. But is that the only benefit? What are some possible downsides?

And Now Media recently produced 50 product page videos for the popular online makeup catalog and we were curious about their experience with the videos.

According to e.l.f. director of eCommerce Lesley Klein, increasing sales was just one reason for adding video to the product pages of their site: “I think it’s really important to have the videos because, in a store, there is a salesperson. They demonstrate the product and show you how it looks. Here is a virtual salesperson. You see the product and you have someone to let you know exactly how to use it.”

Klein reported that, before the videos, the company’s front office received many calls asking how certain products were used “The videos have been helpful from a customer service standpoint. Since the release of the videos, calls for explanations have decreased. For example, calling to ask how to use a brush or telling us a brush is smaller than they thought it would be.” Their customer base understood the product and how it is used from the videos, lessening the load on the office staff and leading the customer to a quicker purchase.

In e.l.f.’s case, the videos produced were for new products, so there wasn’t much pre-video data to compare website sales before and after the video addition. However, Klein says the team believes the highly professional videos have “raised the bar on the brand.”

So what are some potential pitfalls? Here’s Klein’s advice:

1) FOCUS Make sure it’s about the product, not the model. People on the internet can be cruel and they don’t hold back. They’ll rip a model apart, so be sure the product is the main focus.

2) CONSISTENCY Use the same narrator for all voice overs and keep the graphic look consistent. Consistency of presentation is key to building and reinforcing your online brand.

3) EVERGREEN Be careful saying or showing any product prices or any other information you think has the potential to change in the near future.

4) COMPILATIONS For Holiday videos and Special Collections it’s better to do them as a product compilation, rather than individual products. Some items disappear or change: color of packaging, items within a product line, some accessories, or prices, all could change.

If you’re looking for professional and affordable product page videos for your online catalog, contact And Now Media at 646 450 3450.

To see some of the product page videos And Now Media produced for e.l.f. Cosmetics go to or their youtube page. Here’s one example:

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