Our Process

One of most common questions we hear from potential clients is: “How does it work?” In other words, when you partner with And Now Media to create an animation, commercial or other video marketing tool, what can you expect. We created a quick video to help answer than question:

There are four stages in our process:

1. Strategy
Before we begin, we help you clarify your goals, so we can determine a strategy for how to achieve them. Here are the questions we consider:
- What is your goal with your video(s)?
- Your target audience?
- What are the key points you want to communicate?
Next we need to determine where you are in the creative process:
- Do you have an outline or script to start work with?
- Do you have a particular style in mind?
- Do you have a logo, a font, a color scheme or other assets/style templates we can use for the project?
- How you define your brand … and how we can interpret that branding with elements like animation style, music and a narrator voice.
- Where is the video going to play (website/DVD/Events/Broadcast), and what is your desired delivery date and final deliverables?

Once we’ve determined your goals and identified your target audience and your branding, it’s time for our team to learn as much about your company and the product you want to promote as we can. We will arrange informational meetings and supplement with our own research.

2. The Vision
With all of our brainstorming research in hand, our creative team will devise for you a tailored vision for your video or marketing strategy. This can include scripts, graphics, music selections and storyboards. We will consult with your team until we have a vision honed to achieving your desired results; a vision that you are thrilled about.

3. Asset Creation
The next step in the process is to create the various elements needed to execute our vision. This can include original illustration, videography, photography, original music creation, narrator recording, etc. We will present these elements for your review before we begin the final step of editing, compositing and mixing your videos.

4. Edit/Delivery
During the editing and/or animating process, we will create a unique page on our site in which you can view our daily process. This allows you to see and comment on your project every step of the way, and ensures that, once we are finished, you are completely thrilled with the final result. Finally, we will deliver the product in the formats you need … and, if you desire, even help you implement your social media strategy by distributing your work everywhere you need it to be.

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