DuPont Awards & And Now Media

Do you think journalistic excellence is a thing of the past?  The impressive collection of film, television and new media stories that make up the 2011 duPont Award winners will change your mind.

And Now Media was honored to produce the videos and presentations for the duPont Awards ceremony held this month at Columbia University. We had the distinct pleasure to work with 14 outstanding works of journalism that inspire, infuriate, educate and expand our horizons. From a post-quake Haiti to the Tsunami-scarred terrain of Japan, the devastation of war to the disentegration of the human brain, these works show us that not only is excellent journalism still alive, but in these pinched economic times, some news organizations large and small are still providing the resources for superior reporting.

Here is the And Now Media produced overview of the 2011 winners:

For more on the winners, go here:
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